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Exploitation of Memetics for Melodic Sequences Generation

Music, or in narrower sense, melodic contours of the aesthetically arranged pitches and the respective durations attracts our cognition since the beginning and now shaping the way we think in the complex life of culture. From evolutionary school of thoughts we could learn our perspective of seeing the musical diversity of folk songs in Indonesian archipelago by hypothesizing the aligning memes throughout the data sets. By regarding the memeplexes constructed from the the Zipf-Mandelbrot Law in melodic sequences and some mathematical characteristics of songs e.g.: gyration and spiraling effect, we construct evolutionary steps i.e.: genetic algorithm as tools for generating melodic sequences as an alternating computational methods to model the cognitive processes creating songs. While we build a melodic-contour generator, we present the enrichment on seeing the roles of limitless landscape of creativity and innovation guided by particular inspirations in the creation of work of art in general.

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