Musik & LaguSitus Gunung Padang

Ada Tradisi Musikal di Situs Megalitikum Gunung Padang, Indonesia?

This presentation is a report from an expedition to megalithic site in Gunung Padang, Cianjur District, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. The functionalities of the site at the time it was built is still being questions and in ongoing archaeological research. Yet, the site kept a very rich architectural insights in it. The ancient civilization do the construction has recognized advances in mega-structure while built the site as reflected in the stone stairs, stone replacements to avoid land-slides, and even basic architectural designs of separated spaces within the building and doors. It is also possible that the civilization has recognized the concept of symbols. A special analysis brought by the paper is based upon the possibility that the ancient people in it has understood musical instrument: a hit in certain big stones yielded a relatively high tones as if in some particular Indonesian traditional musical artifacts from metal and modern ages. An algorithm of fast fourier transform is conducted to analyze the recorded sounds and it gives recognized four different frequencies that can be corresponded to MIDI synthesizer and standard western musical scales. This experiments brought us to a conjecture that there have been musical tradition in the megalithic civilization of Gunung Padang.

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