Deconstructing Javanese Batik Motif; When Traditional Heritage Meets Computation

The paper discusses some aspects of Iterated Function System while referring to some interesting point of view into Indonesian traditional batik. The deconstruction is delivered in our recognition of the Collage Theorem to find the affine transform of the iterated function system that attracts the iteration of drawing the dots into the complex motif of – or at least, having high similarity to – batik patterns. We employ and revisit the well-known Chaos Game to reconstruct after having some basic motifs is deconstructed. The reconstruction of the complex pattern opens a quest of creativity broadening the computationally generated batik exploiting its self-similarity properties. A challenge to meet the modern computational generative art with the traditional batik designs is expected to yield synergistically interesting results aesthetically. The paper concludes with two arrows of our further endeavors in this field, be it enriching our understanding of how human cognition has created such beautiful patterns and designs traditionally since ancient civilizations in our anthropological perspective while in the other hand providing us tool to the empowerment of batik as generative aesthetics by employment of computation.

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